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About Us


At Hive Building Co. we pride ourselves on working with the best trades to produce the best quality homes. We specialise in custom extensions and renovations 
throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula . 

Tom and Karl (directors) have been working together for several years- together they coordinate an enthusiastic and hard working team. Tom and Karl have extensive experience in working collaboratively with clients to produce amazing outcomes- no job is too big or too small. 

Why HIVE?- bumble bees are one of the hardest working organisms in the world. 

The Hive or Beehive is the epicentre of a Bee’s life, its where they breed, rest, and socialise after returning from a busy days work. Without the Hive, the bee does not exist. Similarly, without a home, we as humans feel like something is missing. As we move into a world that never turns off its important, that like bees, we can return to a place, where we can relax, recharge and spend time with the important people in our lives.  At Hive we want to help YOU to create your perfect home or your HIVE. 

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